CD Rating

Flexible. Powerful. Cloud Optimized

Designed as a true cloud service, CD Rating is a powerful, standalone rating engine that is designed for performance, processing millions of transactions per hour with zero down time.

Main features

  • CD Rating empowers the business and actuarial users to manage all rating products through a simple and flexible user interface, CD Administrator. Users can build, test, and release any product for any line of business anywhere in the world without the need for programming skills or IT to manage deployments.
  • CD Rating is built on industry standards, like Acord XML, you can integrate with CD Rating more efficiently and seamlessly than other standalone rating engines.
  • CD Rating takes advantage of AWS services which enables you to scale appropriately, enabling you to grow your business without the overhead of managing internal infrastructure.


CD Quoting Portal

Provides you a simple yet powerful web front end for capturing and processing quotes. CD Quoting Portals are custom for each client, branded with your logo, and includes all of the required workflows, data capture fields, questions, and output documents.


CD Forms Service

We all know that the insurance industry has more required forms than we would like to count. Our CD Forms Service provides a seamless approach to managing policy forms. Configurable with optional or required logic, CD Forms Service ensures that you have the right forms you need, when you need them.


CD Rating allows you to:

Go digital with a true cloud solution

CD Rating doesn’t just run in the cloud, it is optimized for the cloud

Beat the competition to the market

On average, clients go live in production 6 to 8 weeks for one line of business

Be more flexible with your rating products

Build any line of business, connect to any application through secure Acord XML web services

Provide more reliable services to your customers

Optimized for the cloud and capable of rating millions of transactions per hour with zero down time and auto-scaling environments

Reduce overall cost

Full cloud service which means no more infrastructure to manage, no software to install, and no hidden fees

Empower the business and actuarial users to own rating

Minimize manual touchpoints by automating rate maintenance through API’s