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ClarionDoor products are built for the cloud with an API-First and Always architecture, making it easier for insurers to create, launch, and distribute any product, anytime, anywhere – hosted exclusively on AWS. Let us show you how we’ve made distribution hurdles disappear.


Powerful cloud rating engine built with an API-first architecture and hosted exclusively on AWS.

  • Distribute products seamlessly
  • Create competitive rating products with proprietary rates or industry standards like ISO and AAIS
  • Rate products from anywhere at anytime
  • Scale automatically to handle any load
  • View transactions in real-time
  • Integrate with any external service (PAS, data, portals, mobile)
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Enhance your point of sale with a turn-key quoting solution, designed to empower your business.

  • Branded for your company
  • Seamlessly integrated with CD Rating – no additional coding required
  • API-First architecture to streamline and automate quoting workflows, data capture, and questions
  • Process new business, renewals, and endorsements
  • Generate quote documentation and rating worksheets instantly
  • Integrate with data and industry services to pre-fill quotes and enhance the quoting process
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Quoting Portal

Achieve business operational efficiency with CD Issuance, a cloud-based, streamlined solution for managing the bind and issue process of the underwriting lifecycle.

  • Convert quotes to real revenue with CD Issuance
  • Issue policies either through UI or API
  • No re-keying of data
  • Push policies to any core system
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We all know that the insurance industry has more required forms than we would like to count. Our CD Forms Service provides a seamless approach to managing policy forms and controlling when those forms are used. Offered as either a standalone service or as part of ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite, CD Forms Service can handle your required, optional, static, and dynamic forms.

  • Streamline and automate forms selection using rule-based logic for required and optional forms
  • Interactive forms throughout the sales lifecycle
  • Easily edit and manage forms to meet your business needs
  • Integrate with any application
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Forms Service

Most organizations in the industry tend to make business decisions based on aggregated data that has already happened in the past, typically on a monthly, quarterly, and sometimes annual frequency. CD Tracker brings a whole new perspective on business intelligence and operations.

  • API-First architecture enabling insurance companies to set up, manage, and track any business metric in real-time
  • Empowers decision makers with business intelligence across multiple distribution partners and key metrics on their entire book of business
  • Mitigates over-exposure by managing aggregate limits for your products in any territory
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Breaking the mold of traditional quote processing, CD MGA Hub provides a simple and efficient interface for quoting new business, enabling MGAs to capture minimal data to get multiple quotes from various carrier partners.

  • Push-to-carrier mitigates re-keying of data on various carrier portals
  • Easy adoption of carrier partners
  • Enter once – distribute everywhere
  • API-First architecture for seamless integration
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