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Seamlessly improve operational efficiency with the modern capabilities of CD Issuance

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Discover how you can achieve business operational efficiency and streamline policy processing with ClarionDoor’s CD Issuance.

Part of ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite, CD Issuance provides a full digital solution that enables insurance companies to efficiently and seamlessly issue policies. The intuitive interactive web service empowers users to manage and configure policy forms with ease. Form revisions can be made in real-time before issuing policies and all forms are generated digitally, eliminating the need for paper and postage.

As with all ClarionDoor applications, integrating with CD Issuance is managed through secure web services and takes advantage of industry standards like ACORD XML.

  • Issue policies from any source at any time through secure web services
  • Instantly generate policy documents and eliminate the need for paper and postage
  • Configure forms and revise policy documents through an interactive web service
  • Full cloud service which means no more infrastructure to manage, seamless updates, and zero downtime

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