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No way! We wouldn’t do that to you. ClarionDoor software was built for the cloud and requires no special hardware or software to be installed at your facilities, which means less infrastructure and software updates to manage on your end, saving you time and money.


Look. This is insurance, not rocket science! ClarionDoor software was designed with business analysts and actuaries in mind. Our software provides a flexible, efficient, and simple interface for any level of user to master. The built-in real-time guided tutorials and help can get you through any situation.


Grab some coffee and enjoy a big donut! There is no upfront investment or down payment for you to purchase and start using our software. ClarionDoor is a true software-as-a-service solution with monthly subscription based pricing.


The beauty of ClarionDoor’s cloud optimized software suite is that it will automatically scale to ensure you get the best performance when you need it. This means that there is no limitation on the number of quotes that can be processed in a single day. To put things in perspective, we ran a test with 2 million transactions, all of varying sizes, and it completed in about 1 hour.


With the modern API architecture of our Digital Distribution Suite, integration with external systems and third party services is literally endless. To date, we have integrated with Polk (VINtelligence), Google Maps, Core Logic (MSB | Risk Meter), MapRisk, ChoicePoint, ISO Passport, Guidewire, Guy Carpenter, Adaptik, Duckcreek, and OneShield. Have another system you would like to integrate with? No worries! Just let us know.