Doorway Episode 10 – The Upgrade

Upgrading insurance software is like doing laundry. You know it has to be done, but even the thought of it is painful. However, there are some alternatives. You could just avoid people all together, say that you are testing out a new scent to explain the smell, or scrap your entire wardrobe and go on a shopping spree. These might sound like great options, but they just aren’t practical. When it comes to insurance software, upgrades have become the dreaded dirty laundry for many insurers. Here is our take on insurance software upgrades. 

Software upgrades are essential for several reasons, but the process in which they are performed can say a lot about its design and engineering quality. This is especially true with insurance software and here are a couple of the worst examples out there. 

1 The Multi-Step Process

Regardless of how easy something may appear to be, multi-step processes are the most basic indicators of complexity when it comes to insurance software upgrades. One software system actually required users to install the ‘A’ package, then ‘B’, and ‘A’ again. No joke! Not only does this create a horrible experience for the user performing the upgrade, it really shows a lack of technical maturity in the software. 

Today, users expect software upgrades to either occur automatically, or be simplified to a single click. 

2 The Start-From-Scratch Process

There are some of you experiencing this today. Often insurance software upgrades are more complex than the initial implementation. Users get so frustrated that the only recommended course of action is to re-implement the current version of the software, essentially implementing the entire system from scratch again. It may be hard to believe, but this actually happens! 

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The problem for most insurance software providers is that their solutions are built on monolithic technologies, are still on-premise, and require intensive client oversight. The reality is that many of these solutions are not capable of leveraging modern technologies and approaches that provide the benefits of seamless, non-intrusive software maintenance.

The software upgrade process should be a standard question for every insurer selecting insurance software.  

So, if you’re frustrated dealing with complex or impossible software upgrades and prefer a solution that is intelligent, seamless, and easy to maintain, then it’s time to experience ClarionDoor…

The ClarionDoor Experience

ClarionDoor prides itself in being one of the first ever cloud-native, API-first, SAAS insurance product distribution software solutions. Hosted exclusively on Amazon Web Services (AWS), there is nothing for you to install, no infrastructure to manage, and no code to develop. 

With ClarionDoor, you gain the benefits of seamless, automatic, non-invasive software upgrades enabling you to focus on innovating your insurance products. ClarionDoor customers are always on the latest software version and have the luxury of not worrying about software and infrastructure management.   

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