Comparative Rating

Get Modern. Expand Your E&S Distribution Channels

In today’s insurance environment, decisions are made in moments. To stay competitive, traditional processes don’t work. ClarionDoor’s ultramodern comparative rating solution cuts quoting time and speeds up policy delivery while providing clarity and consistency. Whether you are an MGA looking to access the premier E&S carriers, a large retail agent or broker that already has an established carrier network, or a carrier looking to expand your distribution channels — ClarionDoor’s comparative rating solution is for you. Built with powerful, innovative features like instant market appetite and push-to-carrier, our solution will make you a modern insurer!

MGAs (E&S Market)


Become the modern MGA you were destined to be!

  • Improve speed-to-quote and operational efficiency
  • Connect with the fastest growing E&S carrier network
  • Enter once, quote everywhere experience
The MGA Experience

Retail Agents & Brokers


Modernize your private carrier network with a unified quoting process!

  • Bring your existing carrier partnerships and establish your own digital network
  • Improve speed-to-quote and operational efficiency
  • Enter once, quote everywhere experience
The Retail Agent & Broker Experience



Join the fastest growing E&S network and expand your distribution channels!

  • Instantly expand your sales and distribution channels
  • Onboard with a frictionless experience
  • Become more competitive in the E&S market
The Carrier Experience

Cyber Distributors & Carriers


  • Streamline your quoting workflow by configuring preferred carrier selections and eliminating answering questions in multiple carrier portals with just one question bank
  • Spend time saved quoting as a trusted advisor to clients to help uncover potential cyber exposures
  • Provide the best price and coverage combinations in a transparent quote comparing carriers, premiums, and coverages side by side
The Cyber Quoting Experience

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