Comparative Rating

Get Modern. Expand Your E&S Distribution Channels

In today’s insurance environment, decisions are made in moments. To stay competitive, traditional processes don’t work. ClarionDoor’s ultramodern comparative rating solution cuts quoting time and speeds up policy delivery while providing clarity and consistency. Whether you are an MGA looking to access the premiere E&S carriers, an MGU that already has an established carrier network, or a carrier looking to expand your distribution channels — ClarionDoor’s comparative rating solution is for you. Built with powerful, innovative features like instant market appetite and push-to-carrier, our solution will make you a modern insurer!

MGAs (E&S Market)

Become the modern MGA you were destined to be!

MGAs offer insurers the ability to rapidly and expertly find markets for new products; however, a modern platform tailored to the specific needs of the MGA business model is necessary to maximize operational efficiency and customer service. Until now, MGAs have had the daunting challenge of working with technology designed for carriers and utilizing tools which require quote data to be entered multiple times and in different formats. With ClarionDoor’s comparative rating solution, MGAs can enter quote information once, and compare indications from the fastest growing public network of E&S carriers – streamlining the entire quoting process.

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Large Retail Agents & Brokers

Modernize your private carrier network with a unified quoting process!

Many large national retail agents and brokers have the same challenges as MGAs in the E&S market; however, they already have an established network of carrier connections. Trying to integrate with all of the carriers can be expensive and timely; however, ClarionDoor’s comparative rating solution solves that problem. Leveraging our API technology, we are able to connect your private network to a frictionless user experience where you can enter quotes once, and compare all of your carrier indications from one unified platform.

Empower Your Network


Join the fastest growing E&S network and expand your distribution channels!

MGAs have always been a major distribution channel for carriers and recent trends indicate that is not going to change anytime soon. Actually, leveraging MGAs as a means of expanding carrier outreach is growing rapidly. ClarionDoor’s comparative rating solution can quickly expand your distribution channels by joining the fastest growing network of E&S carriers. Onboarding is designed to be stress-free through our API technology which means we get you connected fast so you can recognize the benefits instantly.

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Ultramodern Features for Modern Insurers

Enter once, quote everywhere

Rekeying submission data into multiple carrier portals is an exercise in frustration. With ClarionDoor you are quickly and easily presented with real-time indication comparisons to assess instant market appetite. Then, when you are ready to quote, ClarionDoor’s Push-to-Carrier allows real-time, simultaneous submissions to all of the carriers you choose. No repetition. No “keeping track” of submission locations.

  • Instant Market Appetite
  • Push-to-Carrier
  • Compare carrier indications in real-time
  • Integrate with agency management systems

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