One80 Intermediaries Launches Multi-Carrier Rating with ClarionDoor

Santa Barbara, California — October 11, 2022 — ClarionDoor, a Zywave company, and provider of ultramodern insurance product distribution solutions, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Boston-based, One80 Intermediaries (One80) and their contract binding division at Access One80. One80, a wholesale brokerage, managing general agency (MGA), and program manager, is now live on ClarionDoor’s comparative rating and quoting solution.  

The Top “Must Have” Insurance Technology Solutions Every Insurer Needs

Competition in the insurance industry is fierce, and insurers need the best technology to stay ahead in the game. But it’s not just about staying ahead. It’s about futureproofing your operational systems so that you can quickly react to market conditions when needed.

We comprised the following technologies that every insurer must have in their arsenal to be more efficient and effective in the industry.

Why Are We Still Talking About Digital Transformation?

Many date the beginnings of the insurance industry’s digital transformation to the emergence of cloud computing some 15 years ago. Others go back further, to the arrival of the commercial version of the internet in the mid-1990s. Some would trace the origins all the way back to the debut of personal desktop computers in the early 1980s or even to the introduction of digital calculators in the 1970s. 

Whatever date is correct, it’s clear that digital transformation in insurance has been underway for a very long time. So, why haven’t we moved on? Why are we still focused on digital transformation?

Coaction Global Selects ClarionDoor

Santa Barbara, California — May 19, 2022 — ClarionDoor, a Zywave company, and provider of ultramodern, intelligent insurance solutions, is proud to announce that specialty property and casualty (P&C) insurance company, Coaction Specialty Insurance Group (formerly Prosight Specialty Insurance Group), has selected ClarionDoor to modernize product distribution capabilities for the company’s commercial general liability and commercial property lines of business. 

ClarionDoor Aligns Product Suite to Market Demand

Santa Barbara, California — February 16, 2022ClarionDoor, a Zywave company (ClarionDoor), is pleased to announce a strategic repositioning of the company’s entire product suite to better align with market demand. This shift in positioning moves the ClarionDoor products, including standalone rating, comparative rating, product distribution, and policy management, away from complex naming conventions to enable insurers, managing general agents (MGAs), and program administrators to more effectively find solutions that solve their challenges. 

Dark Matter and ClarionDoor Partner to Deliver MGA Digital Intelligence

Santa Barbara, California — January 25, 2022ClarionDoor, a Zywave company, provider of ultramodern insurance product distribution solutions, is pleased to announce their partnership with Dark Matter Insurtech LLC (Dark Matter), provider of digital solutions for excess and surplus (E&S) lines distribution. The partnership will deliver an intelligent digital experience for managing general agents (MGAs) and insurance E&S carriers that closes the chapter on digital transformation and introduces a new era of digital intelligence.

Appalachian Underwriters Selects ClarionDoor – a Zywave company

Santa Barbara, California — December 1, 2021ClarionDoor, a Zywave company, provider of the insurance industry’s most intelligent product distribution, standalone and comparative rating, and policy lifecycle management software, is pleased to announce that Appalachian Underwriters, Inc., a leading insurance wholesale outlet, has selected the company’s MGA Hub to improve operational efficiency and speed to quote.


MILWAUKEE – (Nov. 30, 2021) – Insurtech leader, Zywave, today announced the acquisition of Santa Barbara, Calif.-based ClarionDoor, provider of the most intelligent insurance product distribution software available to the property and casualty (P&C) market. Together with Zywave’s existing configure, price, quote (CPQ) solutions for insurance agencies and brokers, ClarionDoor’s digital distribution solution for carriers and MGAs solidifies Zywave as the industry leader in end-to-end CPQ technology, from rating and quoting through presentation to binding and issuance.

ClarionDoor’s Hub technology hits the standard markets

ClarionDoor’s Hub technology is most notable for catering to the E&S markets for managing general agents (MGAs); however, our technology is expanding to support a broader spectrum of insurers, including retail agent brokers, in both the specialty and standard insurance markets.

The Shifting Current of Flood Insurance Technology

For decades, flood insurance had been provided exclusively by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); however, that is going through a drastic transition. Since the creation of the Write Your Own (WYO) program in the 1980’s, coupled with the increase in flood risks, there is a growing appetite to transition the market to the private sector, thus creating an emerging market. That means insurers will need the right technology to get in the game.

Garagekeepers Insurance Technology Gets Ultramodern

Garagekeepers insurance is one of the most misunderstood and complex specialty commercial lines in the insurance industry. It often gets confused with garage liability coverage which leaves many businesses not properly protected, and with about a quarter million businesses impacted, this can be problematic. However, confusion about garagekeepers is only part of the issue. The larger challenge lies with insurers trying to launch and manage this complex line.

ClarionDoor Announces 2021 First Half Results

Santa Barbara, California — July 20, 2021ClarionDoor, provider of the most intelligent insurance product distribution software, is reporting positive 2021 first half results indicating higher demand for digital distribution solutions in the commercial and specialty lines market.

LIO Insurance Revolutionizes Commercial Lines with ClarionDoor

Santa Barbara, California — June 29, 2021 — Commercial insurance can be very complex; however, industry newcomer LIO Insurance is changing all of that. LIO is an underwriting company on a mission to make the process of selecting and purchasing specialized insurance policies faster, easier, and more intuitive. Recently, LIO went live with  ClarionDoor, provider of the most intelligent insurance product distribution software.  

Cannabis Insurance in High Demand

For more than a century, cannabis has been the epicenter of an ongoing legalization debate in the U.S.; however, there has been a profound shift in that debate in the last 20 years. Although the focus of the debate has been on the use of cannabis, the perception and understanding of the plant has dramatically changed due to its medical benefits. With the majority of states legalizing cannabis, demand is high, a new market is emerging, and a new segment of insurance is budding.

Changing the look of professional liability technology

The ongoing pandemic has had a profound impact on businesses and the “world of work” in general. Many companies have shifted to remote worker/work from home (WFH) employees during the course of the past year, and an even larger number of individuals have chosen to sever ties with traditional corporations in favor of gig economy, on-demand, or entrepreneurial opportunities. This trend has caused an explosion in the need for professional liability coverages, and made it one of the fastest growing sectors in the insurance industry. Today, the professional liability market continues to grow rapidly, but unfortunately, it is also the most neglected from a technology standpoint.

2021 In-Person Events You Won’t Want To Miss!

It seems like forever since we have all had the chance to meet in person at an insurance industry event. Fortunately, the much anticipated in-person events appear to be coming very soon. Here are some key in-person events where you will have the chance to meet the amazing ClarionDoor team:

Insurers Leverage ClarionDoor Technology to Modernize AAIS Rating

For decades, many insurance organizations have relied on the rates, forms, and rules distributed by The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS) for the property and casualty (P&C) industry. Although AAIS provides a flexible and cost-effective standard, many insurance companies still struggle to adopt AAIS into their existing rating platforms. It’s not because AAIS is complex, but incumbent rating systems lack flexibility and are too difficult to manage; thus resulting in insurers manually rating those policies. 

Enter Once, Quote Everywhere with ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub

Managing general agents (MGAs) continue to play a major role in today’s digital market; however, traditional operational approaches can be more than frustrating. Until now, MGAs typically had to access multiple carrier quoting portals that each required different information in order to obtain pricing options. This process is not only time-consuming, but prone to duplication, errors, and oftentimes leads to missed opportunities. For MGAs to be effective, they need a single platform where they can enter submissions once, compare indications from multiple carriers, and complete the sales process without the need to rekey data. 

Doorway Episode 4 – Client Requirements

Requirements are undoubtedly the most important aspect to the success of any project. However, the process and approach to gathering requirements can make all the difference in how long the project will take to complete. 

Regardless if you are using waterfall, Agile, or any other buzz-methodology, requirements gathering can take months or even a year depending on the size and complexity of the project. When vendors say they need several months to gather requirements, that should be your first red flag.

ClarionDoor Launches New Client Service Program

The success at any company is really measured by the success and satisfaction of their customers, and at ClarionDoor, customer success is extremely important. That is why we are proud to announce that we are maturing our client services with the launch of a new Client Service Program.

2021 Virtual Events You Won’t Want to Miss!

The insurance industry conference season is upon us again. Unfortunately, it will continue to be virtual in the foreseeable future. Regardless, there is still much to discuss and debate, and the lineup for this year’s events have promise to deliver the goods.

Here are some of the 2021 events where you can see ClarionDoor’s CEO Michael DeGusta virtually live and even get some discounted tickets where applicable.

Universal Fire and Casualty Insurance Company Selects ClarionDoor to Launch New Commercial Products

Santa Barbara, California — February 2, 2021 — Property and casualty (P&C) insurers, like Michigan-based Universal Fire and Casualty Insurance Company (UFCIC), are leveraging modern technology to differentiate themselves in an overwhelmingly competitive market. By selecting ClarionDoor, provider of the most intelligent insurance product distribution software, UFCIC is investing in state-of-the-art rating, quoting, and policy issuance to rapidly and cost-effectively launch new products for General Liability, Commercial Property, Business Owner Package, and Inland Marine.   

Flow Insurance Launches Flood Comparative Rater with ClarionDoor

Santa Barbara, California — January 12, 2021 — Flooding has arguably become one of the most devastating natural disasters, impacting millions of homes and businesses every year.  Changing climate and extending flood zones have potentially placed more homes at risk without the knowledge of insurers or policyholders. To meet the increased need for accurate flood coverages, Flow Insurance Services (Flow), a California-based,  Lloyds coverholder and program manager, has launched both a private residential and a commercial flood comparative rater, FlowRater, on ClarionDoor.

Insurers Leverage ClarionDoor Technology to Launch Cyber Programs

Not that long ago, cyber insurance was considered more of a specialty line; however, recently cyber is becoming more prominent in personal and commercial lines. With global shutdowns driving more online business, there has also been a surge in cyber threat activity. Individuals and businesses are turning to cyber insurance for protection, and insurers are turning to ClarionDoor to launch their cyber programs.

Next-Generation Insurance Tech Isn’t Just About Technology

By Spiro Skias

There’s an old, familiar saying about good intentions and the road to Hell. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to modernization often fall into this troubled category having been developed in a “best laid plans” mindset, but ultimately failing to meet desired objectives. Insurance companies, for example, taking a “boil the ocean” approach with a suite-based product can find it is simply too much effort for too little change. And worse, the desired degree of digital improvement winds up sacrificed in the haste to “just get it done,” no matter the cost.

Breckenridge Insurance Services Selects ClarionDoor to Modernize MGA Distribution

Santa Barbara, California — October 27, 2020 — ClarionDoor, provider of the industry’s most intelligent insurance product distribution platform, is pleased to announce that Breckenridge Insurance Services (Breckenridge), a Texas-based wholesale managing general agent (MGA) that offers coverages for diverse property and casualty (P&C) risks throughout the U.S., has selected the ClarionDoor MGA Hub (CD MGA Hub) to streamline the company’s commercial general liability and property business workflow. 

The Culture of Connectivity – Fostering an Environment of Change and Agility

Digital Insurance Connect – September 22, 2020 – You just may have heard the term before: Change Management. It’s technology, it’s people, it’s process — and it’s imperative. Whether you’re at a large carrier that’s been around for 200 years or a smaller, digital born Insurtech experiencing rapid change fatigue, there can be a huge resistance to change, even though it’s in the customer’s best interest (*and therefore yours). How do you get people to adapt to the digital revolution when it may not be apparent where they fit? How do you foster a culture of agility and speed in order to win long term?

Are Premium Refunds a Good Thing, or a Sign That We Got It All Wrong?

Santa Barbara, CA – September 8, 2020 – Commentary by Michael DeGusta, ClarionDoor CEO, as featured in Insurance Innovation Reporter.

The latest industry trend has auto insurers rebating or discounting premiums to policyholders who likely didn’t use or have a need for paid-for coverage, and it looks good on the surface. Dig just a little deeper, however, and it may also be revealing a major problem in how risk is evaluated and used to determine annual premiums.

ClarionDoor Partners with Vertafore to Modernize MGA Distribution

Santa Barbara, California — August 26, 2020 —   ClarionDoor, provider of the insurance industry’s most intelligent product distribution platform, has teamed up with Vertafore, the leader in modern insurance technology, to modernize MGA distribution via a streamlined integration between Vertafore’s AIM™ platform and ClarionDoor’s (CD) MGA Hub. Together, these solutions deliver a seamless, best-in-class MGA distribution experience.

The ClarionDoor Experience

Santa Barbara, California – August 17, 2020 – This is who we are. This is ClarionDoor. This is, the ClarionDoor Experience.

ITA Pro Chat with Michael DeGusta, ClarionDoor CEO

Santa Barbara, California – August 03, 2020 – When we talk about emerging technology tools in the insurance industry, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are frequently the first words that come to mind. But the technology having the biggest impact on insurance today is probably Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), says Michael DeGusta, CEO of ClarionDoor

Carriers Select ClarionDoor to Modernize Technology

Santa Barbara, CA – August 4, 2020 – 2020 has undoubtedly been one of the most unpredictable and unprecedented years we have seen in decades. It has forced many companies to rethink how they do business, and more importantly, evaluate their technology preparedness. In order to meet today’s demands and be positioned for the future, insurance companies have recognized the importance of modernizing their digital platforms. They have selected ClarionDoor, provider of the insurance industry’s most intelligent product distribution platform, to make that happen. 

ClarionDoor’s CD Tracker Innovates Exposure Monitoring in Real-Time

Santa Barbara, California — August 18, 2020 — For insurers, mitigating losses is critical to their survival, and it all starts with exposure management. Over-exposure can lead to unmanageable losses, while under-exposure means you are not optimizing your capacity. To solve this problem, ClarionDoor is pleased to announce the launch of CD Tracker – an API-first, real-time tracking platform that integrates exposure monitoring directly into your frontline point-of-sale.

Frontline Intelligence – It’s About “Time”

Santa Barbara, CA – June 8, 2020 – For decades, insurance companies have been grappling with the challenge of data and analytics. Data continues to be collected in real-time for most applications and traditional approaches to analytics just doesn’t work. Analyzing data on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, in most situations, is too late. In order to make informed decisions on pricing, products, underwriting, and marketing, intelligence needs to be brought to the frontline. 

Removing Friction – A Rough Notes Feature

Bolstering Distribution for E&S and Specialty Providers

By Dave Willis, CPIA

In some people’s minds, the insurance business is perceived to lag other industries in adopting technology to improve efficiency. That may not be entirely true. In the early 1950s, my dad helped pay his way through college by working in the data processing operation of one of the world’s oldest insurance companies. True story; I’ve seen the key punch cards they used to use.

7 Technology Mistakes Insurers Might Be Making

Santa Barbara, CA – May 20, 2020 – While so much progress has been made in insurance technology, there are still certain habits that are hard to break and lead many insurers into painful experiences with their systems and vendors time and time again. Unfortunately, these mistakes get overlooked or ignored because the common thread is that they don’t feel like mistakes. So don’t be surprised if one of these is happening at your company right now.

ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub Revolutionizes MGA Distribution

Santa Barbara, California — May 19, 2020 — Recent trends in insurance distribution find many insurers expanding partner channels as a means of growth, if not straight-up survival. Managing general agents (MGAs) are a major part of that model, and ClarionDoor, a proven provider of cloud-only, frontline insurance distribution solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of the ClarionDoor MGA Hub (CD MGA Hub) to help further revolutionize MGA distribution.

Delta General Agency Selects ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub

Santa Barbara, California — March 17, 2020— With a more flexible, agile business model and a tendency toward lean operations, managing general agents (MGAs) need tailored technology options to continue to play a major role in today’s digital market. That is why Delta General Agency Corporation (Delta), a Texas-based wholesale intermediary providing services for approximately fifty admitted standard lines and non-admitted special risk carriers, recently selected ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub (CD MGA Hub) to enhance operational capabilities.

Top Tech Mistakes for Insurers

Santa Barbara, CA – April 2, 2020 — Property/casualty insurance carriers embarking on massive projects because “the system is too old” are making one of the most common technology mistakes in the industry, according to an executive of a technology company.

Distribution Innovated for Modern Insurance

Santa Barbara, CA – December 9, 2019 – Distribution Innovated for Modern Insurance

The insurance industry has undoubtedly evolved over last several decades. With the influx of new technology, data, and expectations, it is imperative that the industry start learning from its mistakes rather than repeating them. At the recent 2019 Insurance Innovators Summit in London, ClarionDoor CEO Michael DeGusta addressed the audience on how to avoid making those same mistakes that many in the industry tend to still make today.

Going Beyond the Back Office

Santa Barbara, CA – December 9, 2019 – Going Beyond the Back Office

There has been so much focus in the insurance industry on the back office. Insurers are spending millions upon millions of dollars and five-plus years to implement or rip & replace their back office core systems only to find later that they really did not solve their problems. It still takes them months to years to implement new products, requires heavy programming to launch and distribute products, and they are locked-in to only using the tools provided by their one vendor who claimed they could “do-it-all”.

RT ProExec Distributes New Commercial Cyber Product with ClarionDoor

Santa Barbara, California — October 8, 2019 — Nearly all successful cyber-attacks originate from the more than three billion fake emails sent each day attempting to coax recipients into clicking on a link which exposes private information, hacked credentials, or worse. That is why RT ProExec, a division of RT Specialty and a leading wholesale distributor of specialty insurance products and services, is delivering a new insurance product which expands the scope of cyber coverage the company is currently able to place for commercial businesses by leveraging ClarionDoor’s technology.

Branch Launches Bundled Home and Auto Insurance Products Using ClarionDoor

Santa Barbara, California — September 18, 2019 — It’s impossible to escape the hype large insurance companies, data providers, and software vendors create using industry buzzwords, like blockchain, big data, telematics, or artificial intelligence (AI). However, emerging InsurTech challengers, like Branch Financial, Inc. (Branch), are moving beyond the hype by using modern technology from ClarionDoor to create and bundle insurance products with the industry’s most accurate insurance premiums ever.

Automating Innovation with ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite

Santa Barbara, CA – August 5, 2019 – Automating Innovation

Today, people expect constant innovation, but the reality is that the technology many insurers use is preventing that innovation when it is supposed to be enabling it. See how ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite is not only enabling insurers to be innovative, but automates that process so insurers can deploy products to market fast without jeopardizing quality.

CM&F invests in ClarionDoor to better serve healthcare professionals

Santa Barbara, California — July 30, 2019 — Rising instances and costs driven by medical malpractice litigation since the 1980s has put a tremendous burden on healthcare professionals, patients, and insurance organizations alike. However, amidst the chaos of the medical malpractice crisis, managing general agents (MGAs) like CM&F Group (CM&F) have continued to find ways to stay competitive on price and provide quality products and excellent service to healthcare professionals.

Harnessing the Opportunities of Insurance Innovation

Santa Barbara, CA – July 2, 2019 – Harnessing the Opportunities of Insurance Innovation

General insurance companies today face rapidly increasing demands both externally and internally. Externally, customers and agents alike expect a purchase process that used to be slow and complicated to now be fast and easy. Internally, there’s pressure to implement ever more sophisticated risk pricing and eligibility screening, augmenting the basic rate tables and human judgement of the past.

The Value of Digital Distribution

Santa Barbara, CA – June 19, 2019 – The Value of Digital Distribution

Digital distribution is one of the major challenges facing insurers today as more insurers are relying on distribution partnerships to stay competitive. See digital distribution come to life from ClarionDoor’s demo at DigIn 2019.

Why Insurers Choose ClarionDoor

Santa Barbara, CA – May 9, 2019 – Why Insurers Choose ClarionDoor

With so many different technology solutions in the insurance industry today, differentiating yourself from the competition can always be a challenge. See how ClarionDoor is leading the pack and why many insurers are choosing ClarionDoor for their innovative solutions to insurance distribution.

ClarionDoor to Provide Rating & Issuance for Assurely’s Insurance Solution

Santa Barbara, California — February 22, 2018 — ClarionDoor, Inc. (ClarionDoor), a top provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based solutions for property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, is pleased to announce that Assurely has selected ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite to provide rating, issuance, and forms management functionality as part of the company’s development of a truly application-free platform for purchasing insurance.

Digital Insurance Evolves with ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite

“The release of the CD Digital Distribution Suite is the next evolution of digital solutions for P&C insurers,” said Michael DeGusta, CEO at ClarionDoor. “Building on the success of our CD Rating, CD Quoting Portal, and CD Forms Service, we are introducing CD Issuance, which provides a full digital solution for automating the policy issuance process, with the launch of the Suite.”

Going Digital With ClarionDoor

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation,” Dean Kamen – Founder of Segway

This quote explains why ClarionDoor is leading the path in insurance technology innovation, and why so many insurers are choosing to go digital with ClarionDoor.

Recently, ClarionDoor’s CEO, Michael DeGusta, spoke with Rough Notes about why we are different, how we are changing the industry, and the ClarionDoor Experience. Read the full article here.

Entertainment Risk Goes Live with ClarionDoor Issuance

Expanding on a prior implementation of other components in ClarionDoor’s CD Digital Distribution Suite, Entertainment Risk selected CD Issuance to provide a modern solution which could easily handle the company’s policy issuance process and consolidate applications across lines of business. CD Issuance fully automates the policy lifecycle and mitigates the manual rekeying of policy information while aligning business processes on a single enterprise system.

ClarionDoor Announces Additions to Executive Team

Steve Roth brings more than 18 years of tactical financial experience to ClarionDoor as CFO. As the prior CFO, COO, and chief compliance officer at Pacificor, LLC, Roth brings a balanced approach to managing company financial operations.  As part of ClarionDoor’s executive team, Roth oversees finance, accounting, and human resources (HR), and plans to proactively maintain the company’s financial health and growth.

Assurant Goes Live with ClarionDoor’s CD Rating and CD Insurance

Driven by efforts to accelerate its product development in the specialty market, Assurant sought a modern, streamlined technology solution that could be integrated with ISO Electronic Rating Content™ (ERC™) and ProMetrix®. ClarionDoor provided a solution that can be implemented quickly and that already has proven market success.

CM&F Group Selects ClarionDoor’s Insured Rating

Founded in 1919, CM&F Group is a New York-based, full-service insurance brokerage writing national programs in all 50 states and Washington D.C.  CM&F Group provides access to innovative and comprehensive insurance programs and solutions in markets which are home to the world’s largest financial and insurance institutions.

Hallmark Financial Services, Inc. Selects ClarionDoor’s Insured Rating

ClarionDoor’s Insured Rating is a feature-rich, flexible, rating solution which has been developed from the ground up to operate, perform, and scale exclusively in the cloud. The modern technology platform on which Insured Rating is built provides all the tools and services necessary for rating any line of business, algorithm, or transaction type. Under the terms of the agreement, Hallmark and ClarionDoor will work together to implement Insured Rating specifically for general liability, commercial property, and inland marine lines of business for Hallmark’s excess & surplus (E&S) lines-focused, contract binding operating unit, Hallmark Specialty Underwriters.

Bass Underwriters Selects ClarionDoor’s Cloud Rater

Bass Underwriters, one of the largest property and casualty (P&C) MGAs in the U. S. by premium, selected the ClarionDoor’s Cloud Rater to further empower underwriters with a high-performance rating solution that provides access to ISO ERC in an easy-to-use, web-based quoting platform. Utilizing ISO ERC, ClarionDoor will seamlessly provide Bass Underwriters with future ISO rating updates.

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