Standalone Rating

Industry-proven rating software without enterprise-level complexity

ClarionDoor has re-energized standalone rating capabilities with a powerful cloud-native, API architected rating engine that is unmatched in the industry. Join the large and small carriers around the world who have been liberated from their traditional rating engines with a seamless product development experience where they are empowered to be innovative and more competitive. If you are still on a legacy or homegrown rating engine, it’s time for an upgrade with ClarionDoor!

Power you need, when you need it

The days of managing cores or CPU are long gone! Hosted exclusively on AWS, ClarionDoor’s rating engine removes the stress of whether you can meet demand with auto-scaling for any transaction size or load. All you have to do is design innovative products – we handle the rest!

The rating engine business users love!

Built with the business user in mind, ClarionDoor’s rating engine provides a frictionless experience in developing and designing insurance rating products with maximum configurability in a low-code/no-code environment. Now you can externalize and centralize your rating across your enterprise portfolio for any product or P&C line of business.


Any product, anytime, anywhere

No matter what your core system or application architecture, ClarionDoor’s rating engine will plugin with minimal effort through our innovative API technology, enabling you to rate any product from any application at anytime. Leverage third party data services to simply rating requirements and automate rating processes.

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