Doorway Episode 2 – Agile

Implementation projects in the insurance industry are notorious for taking forever for most solution providers. Some projects are known to take upwards of a decade and cost insurance companies millions of dollars. Ironically, those projects tend to be from solution providers who boast that they use Agile processes in all of their projects. If that is the case, then why do those projects take so long?

Before Agile was introduced twenty years ago, the industry really had one approach – waterfall. There were others available, but waterfall was the most common and widely accepted. Back then, it was somewhat understandable why projects took so long. For one, the waterfall process is slow, long, and tedious, but loaded with checks and balances. Secondly, the technology back then was not as efficient as compared to today’s standards.

But Agile was supposed to fix all of that with the promise of delivering functional software to the client early and deal with changes in future deliverables.

The reality is that many industry solutions are not designed to deliver functional software early to clients.

And this is where the “agile-concept” fails. When software projects take a decade to implement, something is definitely wrong, and there is no process or methodology that can fix that. It is a pure technology and architecture problem.

Don’t believe us? Some major industry solution providers have implementation timelines upwards of 80,000 hours. One in particular is known to take anywhere from 5 to 10 years to implement. And they all claim to be “agile.” 

At ClarionDoor, we never get distracted with process buzzwords that may sound good during a kickoff meeting. Instead, we focus on processes that actually get clients live. Backed by zero failed projects and always delivering on time and on budget, the ClarionDoor approach beats the industry norms getting clients live in weeks!

The ClarionDoor Experience

In our experience, we have found that implementation buzzwords might sound good, but they don’t always get you live. Just because a project is “agile” does not automatically mean it will succeed. As a matter of fact, core system implementations are notorious for running over budget and schedule despite their use of Agile methodologies. In the end, it shouldn’t really matter what process or methodology you use, but understanding what it takes to get live.   

At ClarionDoor, we use sensible approaches that actually get clients live in weeks, enabling them to focus on innovation rather than implementation. 

Our process is simple – deliver fast, deliver quality, deliver value. Backed by zero failed projects, go live times that far beat the industry norms, and 100% referenceable clients. 

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