Bik Nandy

Software Developer

About Bik…

Bik is a fairly new member of ClarionDoor who joined the team in 2020. As a software developer, he is part of the innovative team that develops the frontend for ClarionDoor’s Insurance Product Distribution solution. We recently connected with Bik for a fun Q&A!

Before working at ClarionDoor, what was the most unusual job you ever had?

Not too unusual, but before college I worked at a local university lab to help build full-size walls and then immediately break them in an earthquake simulator to test for structural integrity. I also was a campus tour guide in college, so a lot of walking backwards and talking. 

What is your favorite activity to do when not at work?

Outside of work, I love to watch and play basketball! There’s an outdoor court near my house where I like to either work on my shot or run some pickup games with the grad students. I also play action/adventure video games, sing pop and R&B songs, and review all the fried chicken in the area to see which is superior. 

What was the first and last concert you went to?

First concert – 

If I remember correctly, the first concert I ever went to was One Direction sometime in my late middle school years (no shame, it was really fun). 

Last concert – 

I just went to Outside Lands Music Festival this Halloween weekend in San Francisco and got to see some of my favorite artists including Glass Animals, Tyler the Creator, and ZHU. The best part was checking out all the creative Halloween costumes.

What is your favorite quote?

‘Treat yo self’ – Donna & Tom from Parks n Recreation

What is your favorite vacation spot?

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many countries with my family ever since I can remember. My three favorites are by far are Rome, Singapore, and Paris. 

What do you like most about ClarionDoor?

The first thing I love about ClarionDoor is that the work itself is so enjoyable! Every day, not only do I get to learn about the world of insurance, I also get to master modern web technologies that we build our platforms on. The second is the location of the office I work in, it’s amazing; you really can’t beat the afternoon ocean breeze of Santa Barbara, California . And finally, the best part of ClarionDoor is definitely the people – I have a blast working with every single one of my coworkers, either in-person or 3000 miles away.

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