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In an industry where risk exposure and capacity optimization are critical for making business decisions, insurers can’t wait days, weeks, or months. ClarionDoor (CD) Tracker eliminates the guesswork and brings real-time business performance analytics to the forefront. Underwriters know instantly whether they are overexposed or under-utilizing their capacity. Take control of your risk exposure and optimize your capacity today with CD Tracker.

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Track the metrics you want and need

ClarionDoor (CD) Tracker provides you the ultimate flexibility to configure tracking for any metric across any dimension. Whether you want to track total premium, total insured value, or even total exposure limits by location and broker/agent, CD Tracker will keep you informed.

Exposure and capacity insights as they happen

When it comes to managing risk exposure and capacity, insurers can’t wait until the end of the month to see if they have been overexposed or are under capacity. They need real-time data and visualization. ClarionDoor (CD) Tracker provides 24/7 risk exposure and capacity utilization insights, allowing for better risk decisions during the quoting process.

Communication that prevents overexposure

As an underwriter, knowing when you have reached your exposure limit is one thing, but being able to control when/where and how business gets written is an entirely new level of risk control. ClarionDoor Tracker enables you to do just that! Built with real-time monitoring, CD Tracker notifies you when you have reached exposure thresholds, then prevents excessive risks from being written, ensuring your business is at the optimal risk levels.

A window on your world

Your risk exposure can change with every transaction. In order to get the big picture, you need transparency with the right level of granularity. View your exposure and capacity performance as it occurs with ClarionDoor Tracker, all in real-time and always on-demand.

To make better decisions, you need to be better informed

Assessing risk is the epicenter of insurance, but if decision makers don’t have adequate information, risk decisions can be…well, risky. ClarionDoor Tracker was designed to eliminate the guesswork and simplify underwriting decisions by monitoring exposure and capacity limits. Now, underwriters can write business with peace of mind knowing that they are optimizing their capacity, and ensuring the company is not over exposed.

Using your data the way it should be…

  • Track the performance you want
  • Trigger underwriter notifications during the quote process
  • Prohibit unwanted business from being written
  • Maximize your capacity everywhere

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