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In today’s competitive insurance market, the relationship between MGAs and carriers is priceless. However, traditional quoting processes are not efficient and oftentimes leads to missed opportunities. ClarionDoor’s comparative rating solution solves that problem and brings a whole new experience to the MGA-Carrier relationship.

For MGAs, ClarionDoor’s delivers a frictionless, enter-once, quote everywhere experience where you can compare carrier indications in real-time. Instantly connect with top E&S carriers and never re-key submission data again.

For Carriers, instantly expand your E&S distribution channels with some of the best MGAs in the industry on our fastest growing carrier network. The onboarding process is simple and designed to get you connected fast!

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Whether you are an MGA looking to improve your speed to quote and operational efficiency, or a carrier looking to expand your distribution channels, ClarionDoor’s comparative rating and quoting solution is perfect for you.  Start your experience today!

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