Comparative Rating & Quoting

MGAs have always been a major distribution channel for carriers and recent trends indicate that is not going to change anytime soon. Actually, leveraging MGAs as a means of expanding carrier outreach is growing rapidly. ClarionDoor’s comparative rating solution can quickly expand your distribution channels by joining the fastest growing network of E&S carriers. Onboarding is designed to be stress-free through our API technology which means we get you connected fast so you can recognize the benefits instantly.

Expand Your Sales & Distribution

MGAs provide an invaluable opportunity for insurance carriers by extending their sales capabilities. These distribution partnerships are critical for any carrier’s competitiveness and survival. ClarionDoor has made expanding your sales and distribution channels easy with its Comparative Rating Solution.   Our widening network of MGAs and carriers, and our breakthrough comparative rating technology has established a modern platform where carriers can market their competitive products in real-time.

  • Become more competitive in the market
  • Instantly connect with premier MGAs
  • Achieve operational efficiency with your distribution channels
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Onboarding Couldn’t Be Easier

Trying to establish individual connections with multiple MGAs can be frustrating and time consuming. ClarionDoor has carefully developed an onboarding process that’s designed to be painless and get you on the comparative rating network fast.

  • Fully configurable
  • Personal onboarding assistant to guide you through the process
  • Get connected incredibly fast
  • No stress or frustration – Ever!

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