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Comparative Rating & Quoting

Many large national retail agents and brokers have the same challenges as MGAs in the E&S market; however, they already have an established network of carrier connections. Trying to integrate with all of the carriers can be expensive and timely; however, ClarionDoor’s comparative rating solution solves that problem. Leveraging our API technology, we are able to connect your private network to a frictionless user experience where you can enter quotes once, and compare all of your carrier indications from one unified platform.

Modernize your private network

If you already have an established carrier network, ClarionDoor can help you modernize it with the same experience we deliver to MGAs and carriers. Leveraging our comparative rating and quoting technology, we enable you to add your carrier partners and enjoy the enter once, quote everywhere experience.

  • Drastically improve speed-to-quote and operational efficiency
  • Instantly evaluate market appetite from your exclusive carriers
  • View indications from your private network in seconds

Enter Once, Quote Everywhere

Rekeying submission data into multiple carrier portals is an exercise in frustration. With ClarionDoor you are quickly and easily presented with real-time indication comparisons to assess instant market appetite. Then, when you are ready to quote, ClarionDoor’s Push-to-Carrier allows real-time, simultaneous submissions to all of the carriers you choose. No repetition. No “keeping track” of submissions.

  • Never login to multiple carrier portals again
  • Enter submission data once and only once
  • Compare indications from all carriers in your private network in real-time
  • Push data to your selected carrier portals instantly without rekeying data

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