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CM&F Group Invests in automated quoting capabilities to better serve healthcare professionals

Rising instances and costs driven by medical malpractice litigation since the 1980s has put a tremendous burden on healthcare professionals, patients, and insurance organizations alike. However, amidst the chaos of the medical malpractice crisis, managing general agents (MGAs) like CM&F Group (CM&F) have continued to find ways to stay competitive on price and provide quality products and excellent service to healthcare professionals.

In an industry where practitioners are increasingly leaning into self-employment and independent contractor status, CM&F is a trailblazer in offering digital insurance solutions for healthcare professionals. Always pressed for time, healthcare professionals can’t spend hours, days, or weeks purchasing coverage or waiting for a policy to take effect. CM&F understands the need for automation, innovation, and efficiency in the offering and servicing of medical malpractice insurance products and turned to ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite to help launch the program successfully.

“We have always believed the service we provide should never be compromised by technology, but that technology provides the tools to provide quality products and exceptional service.” said Cal Sullivan, president at CM&F. “By digitizing our products, we are able to provide healthcare professionals an easier, more efficient way of purchasing the coverage they need. ClarionDoor’s high level of stability, transparency, and technology expertise are helping enable us to achieve our goals in a market with extremely tight margins.”

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