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OMI Reaches Quote Milestone

Pioneering property and casualty (P&C) insurers, like Oregon Mutual Insurance Co. (OMI), are more able to recognize specific strategic needs and quickly adapt with product changes by adopting the latest technology, such as ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite.

In an industry where implementation timelines are often measured in geological time scales and require nothing short of a military platoon and the GDP of a small nation to complete, insurers avoid rip and replace scenarios at every turn. However, extensive product change timelines, declines in the availability of specialized IT talent, an inability to integrate and engage with unstructured and new data sources, and a lack of digital engagement options means insurers must continue to look for technology modernization options.

OMI understood these challenges and, like many early tech adopters, decided to invest in a tech partner, and not just a tech product. In less than five months and without any staff augmentation, OMI implemented ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite to stand up the company’s personal auto products via a web service and connect the appropriate distribution channels.

“We are pleased to share that earlier this summer over 10,000,000 quotes have been processed, captured with full detail, and analyzed,” said Matt Kulangara, chief information officer for OMI. “Working with ClarionDoor’s expert team and products, we continue to make product changes, test, and play ‘what-if,’ in record time and with few resources. More importantly, ClarionDoor’s products play nice with other software and allow us to continue to invest in other technologies without worrying about integration. ClarionDoor has been a great partner for us, ensuring that OMI keeps current and has the right tools to power forward and innovate with ease. We look forward to the next 10,000,000 quotes.”

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