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ClarionDoor Aligns Product Suite to Market Demand

Santa Barbara, California — February 16, 2022ClarionDoor, a Zywave company (ClarionDoor), is pleased to announce a strategic repositioning of the company’s entire product suite to better align with market demand. This shift in positioning moves the ClarionDoor products, including standalone rating, comparative rating, product distribution, and policy management, away from complex naming conventions to enable insurers, managing general agents (MGAs), and program administrators to more effectively find solutions that solve their challenges. 

Michael DeGusta, General Manager at ClarionDoor

“The insurance industry is over-saturated with technology products hidden behind vague naming conventions that don’t align with their function,” said Michael DeGusta, general manager at ClarionDoor. “We encountered similar challenges before deciding to transition to a solutions-focused approach. It’s really a better way to connect insurers to our products and to simplify how they are presented to the industry.”

Founded in 2010 and acquired by Zywave in 2021, ClarionDoor has been known in the insurance industry as a trailblazer providing cloud-only, API-architected insurance technology. Today, ClarionDoor continues to deliver innovative technology that solves real industry problems, including:

  • Standalone Rating: ClarionDoor has re-imagined the classic rating and pricing engines with a flexible, modern engine that empowers insurers to be innovative in  product design and capable of auto-scaling with the needs of the business.
  • Comparative Rating: Designed to modernize and enhance the MGA quoting experience, ClarionDoor’s comparative rating solution cuts quoting time and speeds policy delivery while expanding distribution channels for carriers and MGAs with options for leveraging an established E&S carrier network or creating a private network. 
  • Product Distribution: ClarionDoor’s complete distribution solution provides a powerful product engine for configuring and distributing insurance products, as well as an intuitive underwriting and distribution interface with modular capability ranging  from rating, quoting, and binding to full policy issuance.
  • Policy Management: ClarionDoor’s intelligent alternative to traditional policy administration can be configured to focus only on the immediately needed  aspects of the policy lifecycle with the appropriate degree of automation demanded by the targeted product and market. 

“By moving to a solutions-based approach, we hope to make it easier for insurers to identify and select our solutions,” said DeGusta.

For more information, contact ClarionDoor’s Director of Product Marketing and follow us to stay up to date.

About ClarionDoor – a Zywave Company

ClarionDoor, acquired by Zywave in November 2021, is the provider of the most intelligent insurance product distribution, standalone rating, comparative rating, and policy management solutions with a multitude of customers live today across the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Our breakthrough API-first, cloud-native technology enables carriers, MGAs, program administrators, and wholesalers to design, configure, and distribute products for any P&C line of business, and liberate them to focus on innovation, not implementation. To learn more, visit or contact us at

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