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ClarionDoor to Provide Rating & Issuance for Assurely’s Insurance Solution

Santa Barbara, California — February 22, 2018 — ClarionDoor, Inc. (ClarionDoor), a top provider of enterprise-class, cloud-based solutions for property and casualty (P&C) insurance companies, is pleased to announce that Assurely has selected ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite to provide rating, issuance, and forms management functionality as part of the company’s development of a truly application-free platform for purchasing insurance.

Headquartered in New York City, Assurely is an InsurTech company focused on a technology-first approach toward how risks are accessed, underwritten, transferred, and managed. Specifically, this means developing technology solutions which redefine many of the processes that have traditionally driven the business of insurance, while also helping new, changing, and emerging markets purchase insurance using an idiomatic method.

“In thinking about how modern industries use insurance, ClarionDoor’s technology and approach around rating, issuance, and forms management complements what we are looking to achieve,” said David Carpentier, chief executive officer at Assurely. “Partnering with ClarionDoor enables us to immediately solve some of the fundamental problems with insurance by deploying an instantaneous, automated, and application-free insurance purchasing process that can horizontally scale.”

David Carpentier, Co-Founder & CEO at Assurely

P&C insurance organizations rely on the performance-based, insurance-ready CD Rating and CD Issuance components of ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite to provide complete digital accessibility to rates and policies on a single, cloud-optimized, modern technology platform. CD Rating and CD Issuance can be easily integrated with any policy administration system (PAS) on the market today and provide insurance customers the ability to effectively manage rates and forms in real-time.

“Assurely’s application-free approach to insurance distribution makes them a unique, exciting partner for us,” said Patrick McCall, chief sales officer at ClarionDoor. “The tech-savvy way in which Assurely has taken on distribution mirrors the reasons ClarionDoor based our Digital Distribution Suite entirely on web services delivered via the cloud. It’s about ease of doing business. Utilizing CD Rating and CD Issuance will help Assurely conquer nascent, complex markets with speed, agility, and flexibility.”

With implementation times that easily beat industry norms, guaranteed uptime, and real-time scalability, ClarionDoor’s Digital Distribution Suite rapidly improves speed to market, enhances the user and customer experience, reduces total cost of ownership (TCO), and enables new and existing distribution channels.

About Assurely

Assurely is a technology platform that creates and delivers new, adapted, and existing insurance products for innovative industries and emerging technologies. Assurely’s first product, CrowdProtector™, protects companies raising money through crowdfunding and online capital formation strategies while simultaneously giving them the ability to communicate a symbol of trust, confidence, and safety as part of their capital raising efforts. Assurely continues to innovate along the entire insurance value chain as it extends into additional product lines, industries, and marketplaces. Assurely is the next generation of insurance. To learn more, visit

About ClarionDoor

ClarionDoor is the leading provider of cloud-based distribution solutions for insurance, delivering enterprise-grade rating, quoting, and policy issuance for all lines and geographies. Built on standards-based web services and best-in-class user interfaces, ClarionDoor’s proven software-as-a-service products have delivered millions of accurate real-time quotes for dozens for insurance organizations. For more information about ClarionDoor or CD Digital Distribution Suite, please visit the company’s website at

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