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ClarionDoor’s Hub technology hits the standard markets

ClarionDoor’s Hub technology is most notable for catering to the E&S markets for managing general agents (MGAs); however, our technology is expanding to support a broader spectrum of insurers, including retail agent brokers, in both the specialty and standard insurance markets.

By now, most of you should already be familiar with ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub which has revolutionized the MGA quoting experience in the E&S market. What you probably don’t know, is that the same innovative technology built into ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub has expanded to serve a broader purpose. 

The problems that MGAs were experiencing were not isolated to the E&S market. Retail agents / brokers also face very similar challenges like comparing carrier indications, rekeying of quote data in multiple carrier portals, and improving operational efficiency. That is why ClarionDoor recently signed one of the largest, national retail agents / brokers to implement the ClarionDoor Hub technology for the commercial standard markets which will include general liability, property, auto, excess, and workers compensation. 

Pat McCall, Chief Sales Officer at ClarionDoor

“It was always our intent to expand the MGA Hub,” said Pat McCall, chief sales officer at ClarionDoor. “The E&S market was the perfect launch pad for our Hub technology and expanding to the standard markets was a natural evolution.”

ClarionDoor’s Hub technology provides an unparalleled quoting experience where MGAs and retail agent brokers can streamline the entire rate/quote/issue process. Loaded with features like comparing carrier indications, data pre-fill, and push-to-carrier, ClarionDoor’s Hub improves speed and efficiency and will soon offer API connections with the fastest growing network of national tier one carriers. 

“It really is an experience like no other,” said McCall. “With our Hub technology, retail agents / brokers can enter quote data once, get real-time indications from multiple carriers, and complete the policy issuance process without ever having to rekey quote information.”

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