Doorway Episode 7 – The AI Chatbot

Successful insurance solution providers understand the customer journey even though for vendors the journey begins with a signed contract and ends with the completion of the customer’s implementation. For the customer, however, the real journey begins when the implementation ends and the proverbial “go-live” button gets pushed. 

The customer experience post go-live is more critical than the initial implementation.

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that the technology or vendor selection process for insurance companies completely ignores what happens after the implementation. The questions which would determine the post go-live process are typically never asked, keeping the focus entirely on software functionality and implementation processes. It is generally assumed that all support is created equal. In fact, unfortunately, it’s not. 

Pretty much every solution provider has a support model. No business would survive long without one. However, customer support means different things to different companies and for many, streamlining operations and reducing costs have resulted in the establishment of knowledge centers and artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots as the new standard. 

Unfortunately, knowledge centers and AI chats don’t work for two major reasons.

1 Death by Documentation

To be clear, documentation is a necessity for any software or technology company (really any company), but it is possible to over document. Several of the largest tech and most prominent companies in the insurance industry today fall into this category. At some point, too much documentation becomes insurmountable to maintain and manage, and more importantly, it actually impedes the location of relevant information, thereby impacting customer experience. Documentation needs to be concise and easy to consume.

2 AI Chatbots Are Not That Intelligent 

Most chatbots today lack the intelligence that vendor hype claims comes out-of-the-box. Keep in mind, artificial intelligence is, by definition, just an imitation of actual intelligence. If you have ever submitted a question through an online chat system, most likely you have received a series of unrelated responses with hyperlinks to documents in a knowledge center or a link to frequently asked questions (FAQs). No matter how grammatically correct or precise the question is written, the result tends to be the same and provides no real help to the user. 

The combination of these two issues creates a very frustrating customer experience. What many companies fail to realize is that when a customer contacts you, it’s likely because they experienced something that is uncommon, an exception, if you will. Automated chatbots and documentation may provide answers for many common questions, but those typically are not the type of customer support requests. 

The ClarionDoor Experience

At ClarionDoor, we not only deliver the most intelligent insurance product distribution software, but we deliver an unparalleled customer experience. You will always have access to an expert that can help you. No automated chatbots. No labyrinth of documentation. 

We believe that the customer’s journey really begins when you go live on our system which is why our focus on customer success is equally, if not more, important than your initial implementation. Our implementation process is designed to get you live as fast as possible and it is critical that you have the support you need when you go to production. The best part is that we are always here to support you throughout your journey.

Want to learn more about what your ClarionDoor Experience would be like? Contact us at [email protected].

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