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Enter Once, Quote Everywhere with ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub

Managing general agents (MGAs) continue to play a major role in today’s digital market; however, traditional operational approaches can be more than frustrating. Until now, MGAs typically had to access multiple carrier quoting portals that each required different information in order to obtain pricing options. This process is not only time-consuming, but prone to duplication, errors, and oftentimes leads to missed opportunities. For MGAs to be effective, they need a single platform where they can enter submissions once, compare indications from multiple carriers, and complete the sales process without the need to rekey data. 

ClarionDoor’s CD MGA Hub is built on a breakthrough cloud-native, API-first architecture that breaks the mold of traditional MGA quoting processes. Connected with over 25 insurance carriers for commercial general liability and commercial property, CD MGA Hub empowers MGAs to operate more efficiently and capitalize on their value proposition.

“Evaluating pricing across all market options is extremely critical in today’s market conditions, and obtaining pricing from multiple insurance companies can be very time consuming. This is one of the major reasons why we chose ClarionDoor.” 

Trevor Pierce, president of Breckenridge Insurance Services

With CD MGA Hub, MGAs are positioned to process quotes with minimal data and return indications from various carrier partners without the barriers of duplicate data entry or complicated integrations and implementations. Underwriters gain the advantage of instant market appetite, comparative carrier indications, and push-to-carrier capabilities which reduce the overall time involved in evaluating market pricing and responding more quickly to agent interest.

“The capabilities in ClarionDoor’s platform will significantly improve our ability to serve the marketplace.”

Randy Paez, CTO at Jencap

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