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Going Digital With ClarionDoor

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation,” Dean Kamen – Founder of Segway

This quote explains why ClarionDoor is leading the path in insurance technology innovation, and why so many insurers are choosing to go digital with ClarionDoor.

Recently, ClarionDoor’s CEO, Michael DeGusta, spoke with Rough Notes about why we are different, how we are changing the industry, and the ClarionDoor Experience. Read the full article here.

About ClarionDoor

ClarionDoor delivers enterprise-class rating, quoting, and issuance solutions to P&C insurance organizations via the company’s flagship product, CD Digital Distribution Suite, which includes CD Rating and CD Issuance. By embracing cloud technologies and industry standards, ClarionDoor’s experienced team of insurance and technology professionals helps P&C insurance companies and MGAs quickly generate accurate, real-time insurance quotes, and on-demand reports with integrated analytics. ClarionDoor’s best-in-class user interface, integrations with third-party data providers, ability to automatically generate ACORD XML web services, easy rate plan creation, and reliance on flexible delivery models, ensure rapid implementations and 100% customer satisfaction.

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