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The Culture of Connectivity – Fostering an Environment of Change and Agility

Digital Insurance Connect – September 22, 2020 – You just may have heard the term before: Change Management. It’s technology, it’s people, it’s process — and it’s imperative. Whether you’re at a large carrier that’s been around for 200 years or a smaller, digital born Insurtech experiencing rapid change fatigue, there can be a huge resistance to change, even though it’s in the customer’s best interest (*and therefore yours). How do you get people to adapt to the digital revolution when it may not be apparent where they fit? How do you foster a culture of agility and speed in order to win long term?

In this panel hosted by Worldwide Business Research, ClarionDoor’s CEO Michael DeGusta and New York Life VenturesElizabeth Yenko share their experiences and views on how the industry is coping with a constantly changing environment.

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