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The Shifting Current of Flood Insurance Technology

For decades, flood insurance had been provided exclusively by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP); however, that is going through a drastic transition. Since the creation of the Write Your Own (WYO) program in the 1980’s, coupled with the increase in flood risks, there is a growing appetite to transition the market to the private sector, thus creating an emerging market. That means insurers will need the right technology to get in the game.

Transitioning flood insurance to the private sector will pose unanticipated technology challenges for insurers that are looking to enter the market. In many cases, the technology many insurers have been using to support their existing lines of business are too specific for their current programs. Complexities and limitations in launching new programs will prevent insurers from rapidly entering the market.


What makes flood insurance so dynamic is that it has been written non-competitively since the 1960’s through NFIP. Although the private flood insurance market exists, there are only about 100 insurance companies offering coverage. In order for a transition to the private sector to work, more insurers need to get into the market which will create better competitive pricing and better product options for consumers. 

The competitiveness of any insurance market depends on the insurers ability to distribute their products.

Product distribution is really the dilemma for insurers. If their current software is too inflexible to develop and distribute new products, then they will not be able to compete in the market. This is not just challenging for carriers though. This affects MGAs, brokers, wholesalers, and program administrators. All of them need modern, flexible software to effectively go to market. 

The ClarionDoor Experience

ClarionDoor’s software is explicitly designed to solve the challenges of product innovation and distribution, providing carriers, MGAs, brokers, wholesalers, and program administrators a frictionless experience for designing, configuring, and launching their insurance products. 

Leveraged by some of the top insurers and aspiring insurtech startups around the world, ClarionDoor’s technology has empowered insurers to enter new markets, enhance existing products, and improve their competitive market position.   

Contact us to learn how you can launch or enhance your flood insurance program by leveraging ClarionDoor technology at [email protected].

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