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ClarionDoor Partners with Vertafore to Modernize MGA Distribution

Santa Barbara, California — August 26, 2020 —   ClarionDoor, provider of the insurance industry’s most intelligent product distribution platform, has teamed up with Vertafore, the leader in modern insurance technology, to modernize MGA distribution via a streamlined integration between Vertafore’s AIM™ platform and ClarionDoor’s (CD) MGA Hub. Together, these solutions deliver a seamless, best-in-class MGA distribution experience.

AIM, Vertafore’s market-leading MGA solution, centralizes underwriting, accounting, and claims operations.  Designed to manage the full policy lifecycle, AIM helps increase speed-to-market, while ensuring accuracy throughout the entire process. To expand and enhance AIM’s capabilities for more real-time interaction with carrier channels, Vertafore partnered with ClarionDoor. 

James Thom
Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Vertafore

“We are thrilled to be working with ClarionDoor to help our joint customers gain new efficiencies and unlock more growth as they can reduce manual processes and write business even faster,” said James Thom, Vertafore’s senior vice president of corporate development and strategy. “Our goal at Vertafore is to improve the flow and speed of information across the insurance distribution channel. This collaboration enables that by creating benefits for AIM users and the entire channel as we enable stronger integration between retail agencies and ClarionDoor systems to expedite rating processes.”

Launched earlier this year and already live with 14 MGAs, ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub has changed the way managing general agencies (MGAs) operate through an innovative, intelligent platform that enables access to over 25 excess and surplus (E&S) carriers from a single portal. With embedded features like Instant Market Appetite, MGAs get an immediate read on carrier market availability. 

ClarionDoor CEO, Michael Degusta
Michael DeGusta CEO at ClarionDoor

“Combining these two solutions is really a game changer for MGAs,” said Michael DeGusta, CEO at ClarionDoor. “AIM is such a well-known product in the MGA market and to compliment that with the capabilities of ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub introduces a completely new experience for MGAs that will boost their distribution channels.”

The collective capabilities of AIM and CD MGA Hub enable MGAs to enter submissions once in AIM and leverage the carrier connections in CD MGA Hub for instant market appetite, comparative rating, and quote binding.  

For more information, please contact Spiro Skias, Director of Product Marketing for ClarionDoor, at [email protected], or visit the company website at

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About Vertafore

For more than 50 years, Vertafore has built and supported superior Insurtech solutions to connect every point of the distribution channel. Vertafore’s agency management, ratings, regulation, compliance, data and analytics, and connectivity products streamline workflows, improve efficiency and drive productivity for more North American insurance professionals than any other provider – including more than 20,000 agencies, over 1,000 carriers and 23 state governments. Through a continual focus on operational excellence, development of innovative solutions, and alignment with key industry partners, Vertafore is leading the way for customers of all sizes by delivering results that make a difference. For more information about Vertafore, visit

About ClarionDoor

ClarionDoor is disrupting how the insurance industry distributes insurance via an enterprise-proven, cloud-based, modern solution. ClarionDoor’s customers go live in weeks, can leverage a modern platform that is designed for ongoing innovation and change, and can distribute insurance across any line of business, in any region, and partner with MGAs, brokers, and carriers as needed without the need for never-ending integration projects and ongoing hidden costs. ClarionDoor has now delivered millions of real-time quotes for over 40 insurance organizations and is committed to helping the insurance industry adapt to and innovate in the rapidly transforming digital-customer centric era. To learn more, visit or contact us at [email protected].

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