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In today’s insurance environment, decisions are made in moments, and to stay competitive, traditional processes don’t work. ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub cuts your quoting time, speeds up policy delivery, while providing clarity and consistency. MGA Hub is an expert-designed, ultramodern comparative rater and distribution platform that’s connected with the fastest growing network of popular E&S carriers. Become the modern MGA you were destined to be with ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub.

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A carrier network like no other

ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub provides access to the fastest growing network of E&S carriers for commercial general liability and commercial property. Our valued carrier partners are part of ClarionDoor’s agency-focused service ecosystem. Carriers that wish to join ClarionDoor’s network go through a rigorous assessment process to ensure that they will deliver on our promises, giving you and your business customers the very best in customer service.

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It’s like matchmaking for MGAs

Sometimes finding the right carrier isn’t easy, but with ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub, you can see which carriers are interested with a simple click of a button. Just enter the class code or type of business associated with the account and, in seconds, receive market appetite indicators from every carrier in the MGA Hub network. See who offers coverage, who doesn’t, and who might be willing to.

Compare, Select, Quote

Comparing carrier rates couldn’t be easier. With ClarionDoor MGAHub, you no longer need to waste time and lose opportunities surfing dozens of carrier quoting portals, entering the same data while jumping through new hoops. ClarionDoor has standardized data gathering, streamlined multi-carrier quoting, and revolutionized policy issuance; enabling you to enter quote data once, instantly compare carrier indications, and select the carrier you want. It’s like having an assistant on call 24/7.

Never rekey quote data again

Every carrier is unique and requires different information to generate a policy, and the old way of rekeying quote information on each carrier portal is too inefficient. Not anymore!

ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub provides an unparalleled experience with Push-To-Carrier; a revolutionary feature that pushes the entered quote data directly to the carrier portal without ever having to rekey anything! With Push-To-Carrier, MGAs can improve the time to quote, operate more efficiently, and streamline policy issuance.

Work. Flow.

Your agency management system is too crucial to the way you work. Integrating with ClarionDoor’s MGA Hub just makes it better! ClarionDoor’s API-first, plug-in-ready solution keeps your systems in place while adding the power of full time product quoting. ClarionDoor’s streamlined approach will breathe new functionality into your process, improving your flow while conforming to your style of work.

To compete, you have to be fast

The distribution race isn’t won until you cross the finish line. From the moment a prospect enters your world until the moment you sell the business, you are competing with the clock, the competition and client distraction. MGA Hub was designed to start and end the comparison process in the least amount of time with the best information in hand.

Quick to Compare

  • Simplified data entry
  • One set of submission fields
  • Check box carrier selection

Quick to Compete

  • You select from hundreds of pre-built business profiles
  • You turn around quotes quickly
  • Clients and prospects receive better information, more quotes and better pricing

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